Hi, this is Fatih, who borned in 1992 to make the world a better place to live in. Since his childhood, he has interested in Maths, Science, and History.


He was reading science magazines until university years and questioning a lot of things that most of his questions are published and answered by the professors of Turkey on science magazines. He stopped reading Turkish science magazines after high school. Because he was finding science magazines are simply useless in Turkey anymore. He studied high school in 2 different regions in Turkey and was honored by the school management at the end of the first year as the best student of the year. He has also rewarded by solving problems on a science magazine during his journey to the university. After successfully completion of the high school, he has attended to Istanbul Aydın University with full scholarship as a first student to the department, Mathematics and Computer Science in 2010 and improved his English skills in his first year at the university. During the 2nd year, finally, he had started to his journey in science. Unfortunately, university life couldn’t impressed him in his first three years. Because he was finding lectures as a repetition of high school. As a result of failing dreams, he attended to student exchange program in his 4th year at university as a 3rd grade student and went to Kraków, Poland. Before going to Kraków, he was reading history of Poland and relationships with Poland so far to make him more confident about possible questions and events that he can face in Poland. Finally he finished his student exchange program and returned back to Turkey. He was the 4th grade in his department and after taking the exams, he has finally graduated. He plans to start and complete at least Math and Computer Science master degree in his life.


He started to work as a volunteer tourism delegate in the historical peninsula of Istanbul in summer of 2011 after first year at the university to practice in English. He helped people to get them to their hotels, give directions etc. and met a lot of people from around the world. This was forced him to go out of the box which is in and explore more. Therefore he was interested in foreign languages and he learned elementary level Spanish at university and had started to learn French but gave up before final exams. This was the most appreciated his volunteer job. He learns Polish these days and already memorized around 500+ words!


He had traveled to Austria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Maldives, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine so far and plans to explore as much as more cities and countries on all around the World. Not only abroad! He has also explored nearly 25 of 81 cities in Turkey.


He had lived in Mersin, Turkey until attending university in Istanbul. He moved to Istanbul and had gone to Poland in September 2013 and returned to Turkey in July 2014. He is still living in Istanbul, Turkey but still tries to find a way to escape and go to a smaller city. He says that Poland and especially Kraków is like his second home. He plans to move and work there.


He likes organizing events and trips. During his student exchange program, he has organized a lot of trips and meetings. However, he finds Turkish people self conscious and try to understand reason behind this behavior as they don’t intent to join any trip or event. Instead, he says that people were getting excited while they are going somewhere different with other people altogether in Poland.


After his graduation, he has started to work in a telecom solution provider company as a delivery specialist who performs delivery activities of any platform. Currently he is just a technical sales and solutions specialist. But he says that I’m still interested in new opportunities in different industries and challenges around the World. Leave a message to him from contact for more professional details.